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Too much things to do?

Real time and collaborative time tracking

Wudatime is a free web based project management tool that allows you to easily keep track in real time your and your team time dedications.

  • Real Time time tracking
  • Collaborative
  • Progress at a glance
  • Easy time tracking

Easy, fast and user friendly solution

Easy time tracking

With the simple task player you can easily start tracking the time you spent with every task. This makes it easy for you and your team to know if everything is on track.


Your way

Responsive & multi language

WudaTime has a responsive design that smoothly adapts to any device plus you can choose the language you prefer.


Built for teams


Invite your team and assign tasks or projects to each collaborator. Give them different access-levels according to your needs and manage their dedication.


Never miss a thing

Handy to-do lists

Create and manage simple to-do lists that help you keep track of small tasks in your projects. Arranging them is as simple as drag and drop to your needs.


Visual references

Project and task progress bars

Our built-in progress bars give you a quick and clear view of the current status of your projects and tasks.


Simplify your life

Adding tasks is simply a breeze

Adding tasks is a snap. The add-task buttons and autocomplete features allow you to assign or add tasks quickly.


Simply Built for you

Lots of tiny features!

Set project and tasks states, search task and projects, make projects templates, export data to Excel, make reports, projects archives and much more!


Freedom of management

Manage your projects and tasks as you wish

Set project and tasks states as needed to know what are your currently working on and what you have already finished. The copy project feature allows you to use your previous projects as templates.


Thinking about you

Easy browsing

The projects tree menu gives you easy access to your projects


Your data is yours

Data export

We honor your right to use your data as you please. That's wy you can easily export your data in xlsx format and use it in you preferred spreadsheet software.


Project and task progress bars

See your progress in a flash

The progress bars give you a quick view of the status of your projects and tasks.


WudaTime makes project management easier

Using WudaTime is helping me to actually see how my team spends his time doing projects and tasks I assigned them. It is amazing to have at my fingertips, in real time, the information of what is each team member doing, task progress for each one, carried-out to-dos, etc. I now have a powerful tool to optimize our time!

WudaTime helps me validate exactly what I invoice

While going to a client’s place to do some installation I always need to justify to the customer the time spent by my workers on duty. With WudaTime it's easier to provide detail to the client and keep a transparent communication between us. That provides satisfaction for both sides.

My school uses Wudatime

We have been using WudaTime from a few months for managing extra time kids stay at school and give to their parents analytics about tasks and learning process. After trying it, all our team is definitely in love with this time-management tool.

I use WudaTime to handle my daily job needs

Using WudaTime helps me to actually realize that I spend more time than I am aware to accomplish certain tasks. It is an amazing tool for project management: it makes it easy to spent the right amount of time to every task at each project state. It facilitates teamwork because gives each team member an overall vision of where they stand.

Maintenance services contracts are smoother with WudaTime

WudaTime makes it easy for our support team to keep track of every task they have been working on. Even with long term contracts and big teams everybody has a detailed record of their dedication. Customer transparency is one of our corporate strategies and WudaTime allows us to invite our clients to view this information.

I use WudaTime to handle my daily chores

My partner and I use WudaTime to-do lists to detail our daily tasks whether it is housekeeping, call reminders or shopping. This way we never forget anything and keep track of who’s doing what (so we avoid any fights over unimportant stuff).

Congratulations, it's great! Friendly and intuitive interface, ideal for team collaboration and quick Time Management. — David Pozo, Siemens

I use WudaTime to help me optimize my efficiency. — Ronald Postma , Green FabLab

It helps us to simplify the task-control of our suppliers. — Dani Santanach, CTTI

I really like the idea of WudaTime! — Ignacio Soler, Smart Barcelona

I am enjoying what you have built so far! It will be the perfect tool for our magazine team. — Jeananne Sizemore, Avari Magazine